Act 148-VT’s Universal Recycling Law

Universal Recycling (Act 148) is new Vermont solid waste legislation that focuses on recyclables and organics. It will provide convenience and choices for solid waste generators, including individuals, and will lead to more consistent services throughout the state.

For a Summary and FAQs for residents, click here: Act 148 Recycling Law

VT_FRHierarchyPrioritizing uses for food waste.

Universal Recycling (Act148) includes a hierarchy of the preferred ways to manage food scraps and food residuals:

1. Reduce the amount of food residuals being generated at the source (shopping with a list, strategically planned meals etc.

2. Direct extra food of high quality to feed people by donating to food shelves and other similar strategies.

3. Use lower quality food residuals for agricultural uses, such as food for chickens or other fowl.

4. Direct food residuals for compost, anaerobic digestion, and land application.

5. Process for energy recovery.

Creating standardized symbols for Vermont.

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