Dog Licensing Requirements

State Law requires that all dogs or wolf-hybrids six (6) months or older must be licensed by April 1 annually. 20 VSA §3581.

Proof of up-to-date vaccination is required for licensing.

Starting April 2, per the Town of Eden Dog Ordinance, the Animal Control Officer will begin issuing fines, starting at $100.00 for each unregistered dog.

Newly acquired dogs or puppies licensed after April 1 will not be subject to fines or late fees.

  Dog/wolf-hybrid license fees
$11.00 Spayed or neutered and registered before April 1
$15.00 Not spayed or neutered and registered before April 1
 $13.00  Spayed or neutered and registered after April 1
$19.00 Not spayed or neutered and registered after April 1
 $30.00 Special License
$10.00 Kennel Permits
$10.00 Surcharge
$3.00 State
  Over 10 dogs = $3.00 each

Regardless of size, all house pets, including but not limited to, dogs, wolf-hybrids, cats, and ferrets, should be vaccinated against rabies.

A Rabies Clinic is held annually in the Spring at the Town Garage

Saturday, March 10, 2018

12:30PM to 1:10PM

Check with the Town Clerk, the signboard at the corner of Route 100 and Knowles Flat Road, or the Calendar/Bulletin Board web pages for the exact date.

  Shots Available at the Rabies Clinic
  Rabies & Distemper
  Kennel Cough & Leukemia
  Lyme Disease Vaccination

This Clinic is available for dogs/wolf-hybrids and cats.

Licensing of dogs will be available at the clinic.