Planning Commission

Kristina Brown
Kristy Bowen
Dan Lathrop
Jon Purcel

There is currently 1 open position on the Planning Commission.  Anyone interested in serving on this commission can send a letter of interest to the Selectboard for appointment consideration.

Phone: (802) 635-2528
Fax:     (802) 635-1724

        The Planning Commission has not been scheduling any meetings.  Hopefully with new members, the group will start to be active again.  A review and editing of the current Town Plan should start soon.

Notice of Meeting Date & Time 3-20-19
Change of Meeting 1-21-19
Change of Meeting Nov+Dec 2018
Change of Meeting 9-24-18
2018 Town Plan Public Notice



Eden Town Plan 2018

2016 Community Survey Results & Comments

Eden Planning Comm Report 16-17
Eden Planning Comm Report 15-16
Planning Commission Report FY 2014-2015

Lamoille County Planning Commission Report 15-16
Lamoille County Regional Planning Commission Report FY 2014-2015