Selectboard Agendas

The Selectboard meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Town Office, 71 Old Schoolhouse Road, Eden Mills, VT 05653 and at other times and places as necessary.  These meetings are warned by Notice.

If you have questions or comments or wish to have an item added to the Agenda, please contact the Town Administrative Assistant by email at or call the Town Office (802) 635-2528 prior to 2PM on the Wednesday before the Tuesday meeting date.

Meeting Agendas will be finalized and posted no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting; i.e., by Sunday afternoon prior to the Tuesday meeting.



1-25-22 SB Agenda
1-11-22 SB Agenda
12-28-21 Special Meeting Eden FY22-23 Budget
12-28-21 SB Agenda
12-22-21 Special Meeting Eden FY22-23 Budget
12-14-21 SB Agenda
12-6-21 Special Meeting Eden-Hyde Park FD FY23 Budget
11-23-21 SB Agenda
11-9-21 SB Agenda
10-26-21 SB Agenda
10-19-21 Selectboard Special Agenda
10-12-21 SB Agenda
9-28-21 SB Agenda
9-16-21 Selectboard Special Agenda  CANCELLED
9-14-21 SB Agenda
8-23-21 SB Agenda
8-10-21 SB Agenda
7-27-21 SB Agenda
7-13-21 SB Agenda
6-22-21 SB Agenda
6-15-21 Selectboard Special Agenda
6-8-21 SB Agenda
5-25-21 SB Agenda
5-11-21 SB Agenda
05-05-21 Special Meeting
4-27-21 SB Agenda
04-20-21 Special Meeting
4-13-21 SB Agenda
3-23-21 SB Agenda
3-9-21 SB Agenda
2-23-21 SB Agenda
2-9-21 SB Agenda
1-26-21 SB Agenda
1-12-21 SB Agenda