Selectboard Agendas



The Selectboard regularly meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Town Office, 71 Old Schoolhouse Road, Eden Mills, VT 05653, and at other times and places as necessary.  These other meetings are warned by Notice.

If you have questions or comments or wish to have an item added to the Agenda, please contact the Town Administrative Assistant by email at or call the Town Office (802) 635-2528 prior to 2PM on the Wednesday before the Monday meeting date.

Per the new Statutes, the Agenda will be finalized and posted no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting; i.e., by Sunday afternoon prior to the Tuesday meeting.

 Selectboard Agenda
April 14, 2020

DRAFT – Final will be posted by 4PM on the Thursday prior to the meeting date.

  1. Open Meeting
  2.  Additions & Deletions
  3.  Citizens Input
  4.  Approve the minutes of March 24, 2020 (regular)
  5. COVID 19 update:
    a. Attorney Barlow email –  Emergency Open Mtg Law bill passed
  6.  Beach Update:
    a. Spring lottery
    b. Beach Manager
    c. Site update:  water, electric, work to be done
    d. Reservations/cancellations due to COVID-19
  7. Dog Officer update:
  8. Constable update:
  9. Health Officer update:
  10. Road Commissioner update:
    a. Excess Weight Permits:
    i.  GW Tatro Construction, Inc.
    b. FEMA update:
    c. Review equipment & material rates from vendors
    d. Knowles Flat – Twin Culvert Site update:
    i.  State of VT update:
    ii. G1 Holdings Settlement Funds update:
    e. Spring Road posting concerns
    f. Update of other activities of Highway Dept.
  11.  Town Forest Fire Warden reappointment – sign
  12. Ratify Additions & Deletions of March 24, 2020:
    a. Motion, approval & signature of excess weight permits for:  Curtis Lumber Co., Inc., Andrew Plante DBA Black Ox Trucking, Grimes, Inc., and Desrochers Excavating, Inc..
    b. Review of Rob Young email to discontinue use of dry hydrant during construction, Selectboard request to consult with NHP/Eden Fire, if they approve advise State of same with special instruction that NHP/Eden Fire be notified of start/end dates and hydrant must remain in the same location and be workable when returned to service.
    c. Review of Rob Moore email and discussion with Rob by telephone of his comments on G1 Holdings grant agreement for Knowles Flat twin culvert site; instruction for town staff to forward grant agreement and Rob’s comments to Attorney Barlow for his opinion.
    d. Review of Attorney Barlow’s revised letter regarding town maintenance of private roads and instruction for town staff to forward a copy to Emmons Pirie.
  13.  Open positions:
    a. Review applications received.
  14. Any other business:
  15. FYI:
  16. Sign orders ()
  17. Adjourn



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