Selectboard Agendas


The Selectboard regularly meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Town Office, 71 Old Schoolhouse Road, Eden Mills, VT 05653, and at other times and places as necessary.  These other meetings are warned by Notice.

If you have questions or comments or wish to have an item added to the Agenda, please contact the Town Administrative Assistant by email at or call the Town Office (802) 635-2528 prior to 2PM on the Wednesday before the Monday meeting date.

Per the new Statutes, the Agenda will be finalized and posted no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting; i.e., by Sunday afternoon prior to the Tuesday meeting.



Selectboard Agenda
March 26, 2019

1. Open Meeting
2. Additions and Deletions to the Agenda
3. Citizens Input
4. Approve the Minutes of March 12, 2019
5. Beach Update:
a. Plumbing Solutions – water maintenance rate for 2019
6. Dog Officer Update:
7. Constable Update:
8. Health Officer Update:
9. 2019 Liquor License Renewal – Eden Mini Mart
10. Lamoille Fiber Utility update
11. Lister Dept. – Outside Assessment Firm Contract update
12. Town Administrative Assistant Position – update on work distribution
13. Road Commissioner’s Report:
a. Update Knowles Flat Twin Culverts:
b. Excess Weight Permits:
i. SD Ireland Const. Corp. & SD Ireland Bros. Corp.
ii. Wind River Environmental, LLC
iii. Structural Wood Corp.
iv. Casella Waste Managment
v. Pike Industries
c. 2019 Draft Town & Bridge Road Standards
d. Reminder:  FEMA Flood Plain & TAC Meetingss – March 27th
e. Update of other activities of Highway Dept.
14. Ratify additions & deletions of March 12, 2019 meeting:
a. Motion and approval to donate a non-resident LERA season pass to ECS 6th grade fundraiser.
b. Review of Samantha Small’s letter of interest in Dog Officer position, instruction to keep letter on file and notify when interviews are scheduled after advertising the position.
c. Review of letter of interest, motion and approval to appoint Jaime McLean to EYSC.
d. Motion, approval and signing of Kings Hill Excavation & Trucking, Andrew Plante, DBA Black Ox Trucking, United Natural Foods, Inc., Grimes, Inc., John E. French & Sons Trucking, Inc., Cota Trucking Company, Blue Flame Gas & New England Quality Service, Inc. dba Earth Waste & Metal excess weight permits to town specifications.
e. Motion, approval and signing of Knowles Flat #13-8 Structures Grant Reimbursement forms AOT TA65 and AOT TA66.
f. Review of FEMA Risk Mapping Assessment and TAC – Transportation Discussion & Solutions meetings.
g. Review of VLCT training offerings.
h. Review and discussion of town meeting:  concern of speed and signage – recommendations and cost to be sought from VLCT, VSP, LCSD & AOT; Selectboard meeting date and time set for the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month at 6PM; tax sale redemption – Selectboard to consider how to proceed with properties purchased by town and not redeemed by March 13th deadline.
15. FYI: VLCT Effective Property Tax Appeals Workshops
16. Any other business:
17. Sign orders (5)
18. Adjourn


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