Youth group for students in Eden – Grade 6 through 12. This group is called Lamoille Area Youth Council. Right now we are in the beginning stages of re-building and we are welcoming anyone who may be interested to attend a meeting and check it out. No need to sign-up or commit. Students just need to email Brian Duda at and CC their parent/guardian in the email. There is now a middle and high school group which meet once a month and a combined meeting (middle and high school) also meeting once a month.


Lamoille North Modified Unified Union School District

On April 12, 2016, the towns of Belvidere, Eden, Hyde Park and Johnson voted to form a single district inclusive of Lamoille Union Middle and High School, as well as Green Mountain Technology & Career Center.  The remaining two towns of Cambridge and Waterville voted no.

95 Cricket Hill Road
Hyde Park, VT   05655

Phone:  (802) 888-3142
Fax:  (802) 888-7908

Board of Directors

Angie Evans, Belvidere
William Sander, Heather Hobart, Laura Miller, Mark Stebbins & Susan Hamlyn-Prescott – Cambridge
David Whitcomb (Chair) & Jeff Hunsberger – Eden
Angela Lamell, Bobbie Moulton, Heather Rodriguea, Katie Orost & Mark Nielsen – Johnson
Andrew Beaupre, Chasity Fagnant, Lisa Barry & Patti Hayford – Hyde Park
Wade Chivington – Waterville

Eden is home to the Eden Central School for Pre-K to 6th graders.  Those in 7th and 8th grade are bused to Lamoille Union Middle School.  The Middle School, located in Hyde Park, shares the building with the High School and Green Mountain Technology and Career Center.  All schools are part of the Lamoille North Supervisory Union.

Eden Central School

140 Knowles Flat Rd
Eden, VT 05652

Phone: (802)635-6630
Fax: (802) 635-3670

 Melinda Mascolino, Principal

ECS Principals Report 15-16
ECS Principals Report 14-15

Edem School Bus

Lamoille Union Middle School

736 VT Route 15 West
Hyde Park, VT 05655

Phone: (802)851-1300
Fax: (802) 851-1397

Wendy Savery, Principal
Denise Maurice, Assistant Principal

Lamoille Union High School

736 VT Route 15, West
Hyde Park, VT 05655

Phone:  (802) 888-4261
Fax: (802)888-2997

Brian Schaffer, Principal
Dana Jewett, Assistant Principal

Green Mountain Technology and Career Center

738 VT Route 15, West
Hyde Park, VT  05655

Phone:  (802) 888-4447
Fax:  (802) 888-7838

Sherry Lussier, Director
Chris Damato, Assistant Director & Adult Ed Coordinator

Lamoille North Supervisory Union

95 Cricket Hill Road
Hyde Park, VT   05655

Phone:  (802) 888-3142
Fax:  (802) 888-7908

Catherine Gallagher, Superintendent
Deborah Clark, Business Manager
Jennifer Stevens, Student Support Services
Charleen McFarlane, Human Resource Director

LNSU Superintendents Letter15-16
LNSU Superintendents Letter14-15

There are several nearby colleges: Johnson State College is only nine miles away; a branch location of Community College of Vermont is less than 15 miles away. List of Colleges and Universities in Vermont.